Promote Your Business or Cause Using Social Media Book Review

I was very lucky to win this book from Dennis J. Smith who is the author of the book. Let me tell you, this book is a great read if you are trying to promote your business or cause. I was very pleased with all the information the book had and I even started a WordPress blog. I already had a blog but I do find that WordPress is better.

“Promote Your Business or Cause Using Social Media” tells you everything you need to be able to promote your Business or Cause using sites like, Blogger, WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and a few others.

I love how Dennis gave detail about how to setup everything and gave little pieces of information on what ways you can do and use to promote your Business or Cause, each chapter is perfectly written for each Social Media site and the pictures that are in there help so it is not confusing at all.

The part I really like was the WordPress chapter seeing as I knew nothing about WordPress, don’t get me wrong I’m not an expert with any of these Social Media sites but I have learned a lot since reading the book. Sometimes I have to look back still to trying to figure out good ways to promote things.

Now seeing as I am not a Business there were some Chapters in the book I didn’t need, but other I am so glad they were there.

This isn’t one of my best reviews I know seeing as this is my first ever book review but as a few final thoughts on this I would say that this is a prefect read for any Business Owner who would like to get their business out there using Social Media and it is even good for Causes like Charity Groups, Churches, etc.

I am hoping you enjoy this review and even get the book to help you promote your business.

I Give This Book a 10 just because it is very informative!

If you would like to get a copy of the book here are the following links.!/SocialMediaBook?v=wall


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