Hi Loves! Just giving an update because I haven’t posted much of anything lately! I have been pretty depressed lately and have needed time to myself…. I have gotten screwed in this “job” I found and now I am trying to get paid and get the HELL out of it! But there is some good news that’s about to come up!

I have a huge catering event coming up on Thursday. When I say huge I mean this is the biggest one we have done! Now I have been catering for about 8 years with my grandma and mom and we just started getting a cut my mom and myself, but this one is going to be amazing! We are serving 110 people but cooking for 150, I am pretty excited about this, we will have bbq and bbq chicken, homemade cole slaw, baked beans, and desert. The reason I am posting this because I want to know if you are a caterer. If so what type of items do you like to make and serve at your events


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