One Of My Valentines From Scott

O.K. so Scott (my Fiance) got me this AMAZING heart neck from a seller named Kim on Etsy! Kim, I would have to say was very easy to work with! She was very helpful and just so Friendly! Anyway, I have tried to take multiple pictures of the Necklace with no luck on getting the actually beauty! 😦 I cant get the letters A & E to show up like I want them to (Scott’s first name is Erik) but the necklace itself is just AMAZING! I’m not saying that people I deal with on are not helpful, A LOT of them are, and those are the ones I will return to! Theres really not much to say about the necklace other than it is PERFECT and absolutely BEAUTIFUL! This is a photo from her page! The A & E on mine is at an angle like it is on here! She also has a lot of other very interesting things on her page, theres a little something for everyone there! <—- thats her website! Check her out.

This is a pic of the necklace he gave me!
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