~*~♥~*~Feather Heart Trading Company Review~*~♥~*~

First I would Like to start like I always do for reviews and letting everyone know that I was not paid or compensated in anyway to do this review that everything posted in here is my own opinion and might differ from yours!
Featherheart offers the tradition of nature and wellness in her magical products. Everything she crafts has it’s origins in the organic gifts of the earth. From a young age this Michigan-born crafter often found herself stopping to talk to plants and listen to their wisdom and knowledge. She has been studying the art of traditional wellness since the age of 5 when one of those talking plants, the dandelion, whispered “Try me!”
So, I was on Etsy.com the other day looking around for things that would be fun to try out, and I stumbled across Feather Heart Trading Company, I was instantly drawn in…
Why? I couldn’t tell you!

Honestly I think it was they way everything looked 🙂
Maybe also the fact that I have never tried Rosemary Oil and Olive Oil.
So I sent a convo to the seller letting her know I wanted to do a review and she was willing and very pleasant, so she sent me the Rosemary Hair Oil.
So it just came today and I put it in my hair about 6:30pm
and just washed it out about 9:30pm.
While I was in the shower washing it out I instantly noticed a different in the way my hair felt!
It felt incredible soft, which made me smile.
Seeing I can’t remember the last time my hair felt so soft.

As I am sitting here typing this up, I just keep touching my hair!
It feels AMAZING!
Even better than when I used Redken Shampoo and
Conditioner and it costs so much less than it!

The smell of it is amazing!
It is a bit strong at first but I got used to it.

So In My Conclusion Of This Product!
It’s absolutely amazing!
I hope you will feel the same.
So Now for some fun!
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I hope you all enjoy what ever you choose as much as I have!

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