So I’m Stealing Part Of My Lovie’s Blog

Ok so one of my Best Friends posted a blog! I love everything about this girl and honestly if I dont talk to her 1 day I go alittle bit nuts, the reason for my post is because of something she posted that made me smile, then brought tears to my eyes. She was talking about beauty in woman, and it made me think of this post.
The reason for this is because of a comment I just posted on her blog post and then said to bring it here.

Read her blog post if you havent then comment on her post then comment on mine.

My comment was: Stop it! Your posts make me smile, bring tears to my eyes, everything! I love you! I just want to say working it is something I have had to work on! I know I’m hot shit because I have told myself well and Marilyn Monroe told me I was Beautiful! She wasn’t the smallest person in the world and let me tell you no one is perfect! But I am beautiful and I know it! Just like you are beautiful Carolyn, Markie, Kim, Hannah, Karisa, Amy, Christy, Mel, Elizabeth, Shayna, and Amanda! Hell All woman are beautiful no matter what their size or whatever! I have big boobs, I wear a size 18 pants, either XL or XXL in shirts and I have a size 9/10 shoe but you know what IM FUCKING BEAUTIFUL! and all of you are as well.
Even though this –> “I’m pretty, but I’m not beautiful. I sin but I’m not the devil. I’m good but I’m not an angel.” <— is what Marilyn Monroe said, Everyone is beautiful. She was Beautiful and this is who helped me gain confidence in myself! I know this is Carolyn’s blog but I want to know who inspired you to realize you are beautiful. Come Scream at me on my blog and let me know

I want everyone’s answers so please comment!


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