So I Think I…

I am going to make a weekly post of my playlist 🙂 My playlists are the most random things you will ever find! Seeing as I listen to all types of music 🙂 Yep that’s right! This 23 year old tattooed mother is a HUGE music fan! I would love to know what is in your top for the week or even the day! Like right now I am stuck on a band I havent really listened to in awhile because well they someone sold out! In my eyes that is! I mean dont get me wrong! I love this band! I will always love them! I started listening to them when they came out back in 2000 and seeing I am an East Coast Chic, I will always represent this band! Thats right East Coast Forever here! My heart is on the East Coast and will be til the day I Die! Now to get back on subject with the playlist!
My top 10 for the week are pretty nifty in my eyes 🙂 There are truely a lot more than just 10 songs but I am not going to name out 200+ songs lol! So the songs that I am listening to the MOST will be on this list!

1. Good Charlotte – Like It’s Her Birthday! (This is my Favorite Band of all Times)
2. Ke$ha – Take It Off (I really like her sound her lyrics dont make much sense but hey shes great no matter what)
3. Papa Roach – Hollywood Whore
4. Katy Perry Feat. Snoop Dog – California Girls
5. Darius Rucker – History in the Making (this will be my first dance at my wedding as a newlywed 🙂 if I ever get married)(S.N. I was just talking to Scott about when we get married and the pastor that will marry up)
6. Skillet – Hero
7. 10 Years – Beautiful
8. MEST feat. Benji Madden – Jaded
9. The Twilight and The Sound – Tonight On Fire (this is the bassest and guitarest from Mests New band though I can only listen on Myspace 😦 )
10. Paramore – Brick By Boring Brick

Ok So That is this weeks playlist!! Will add more later!

XOXO – Ashley


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