Hiya Hiya Hiya

Ok so this is really just a random post, I am pretty bored right now so I am not sure what is going to come out of this lol. When I get bored I get very random and what comes out you never know!

So I am thinking about this move that I have made, 1 into a new house and 2 to a new blog.
1. The move… man oh man this move is a killer, very stressful! I have made myself sick from everything. Everyone is annoying the crap outta me, I think I have snapped on everyone at least twice a day and no I am not proud of it.
I really wish that I could take back some things I have said and evern the ways I have said them, its not right and I do feel really bad. I love my family… I do, but when you are stuck up someones butt the whole time for 4 days straight, its hard not to get mad and say things.

2. The new blog… Now the reason I decided to bring the blog from blogger.com to wordpress.com was well… I am not sure of a real reason, I wanted to check out the website Dennis Smith had wrote about in his book which well happened to be wordpress.com. I just joined to try it out and see what I thought about and I actually like it a lot better than I like blogger.com, and thats only after using it for 1 day. The templates are better… I am still trying to get used to a few things about it but I truely LOVE it! I am going to post a review of the book that I received here soon! As well as a few other reviews that have needed to be posted. Man am I bad!


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