Hello world!

Hey Everyone! I have gone ahead and switched the blog over, I will still have the blog on blogspot but I will also have this one 🙂 Plus the fanpage! I will update this one as quickly as possible, but with moving I can’t promise to much! I haven’t been doing well with the facebook fanpage either because well, it’s been a very hectic time trying to move! I know I will be moving again soon but it won’t be as bad next time because it wont be a family of 6 but a family of 3 (Scott, Allie and Myself). Hopefully that will happen at the beginning of 2011. Its stressful right now and I have made myself sick the past few days from stress and arguing with my family over where to put things and what not.
I am hoping that you have all been doing well though. Hopefully in the next few days I will be up and running like old times! I do have a few reviews that need to be posted and that I have been meaning to post, I feel absolutely terrible that I haven’t been able to post them or anything really for that matter.
I am truely sorry about all of that.

For random moving updates and other updates please check out the fanpage

^ If this like doesnt work please be patiant and I will try to get it fixed asap!

XOXO – Ashley


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