Looking For a Train Case

O.K. So right now I am on a mission to find a Train Case that will fit all of my makeup! I am not trying to spend a lot of money cause I don’t have a lot of money, so I have a few options!
1. Buy a Caboodles which is any where between 20 and 50 dollars
2. Find the right materials and make my own 20 to 30 dollars
3. Spend like 100 dollars and get one from Sephora and be even more broke than I already am.
That means 3 is out of the running and I am just sitting at option 1 or 2 and I am leaning towards 2 more than one. Now dont get me wrong, I am crafty and like making things, but how am I going to make this?
I am not sure how it will start but I know there will be fabric and either hot glue or nails used so that could mean I am going to be using either wood, which is very heavy or something light and just glue it and expect it to fall apart in either a few weeks or months! This might just make me lean towards number 1 more than anything! So I really would like some input on these ideas!
Thanks So Much For Reading!

Referer Giveaway!

Not sure what will be given away but send me your friends and have them leave a comment below! Then what I will do is count to see who has the most mentions and that will be my winner, I am going to hold this giveaway until March 15, 2010! Lets see how you all do! Also once I find what the prize will be I will post a pic of it for you! Hopefully the wait will make it well worth it!



So from now on when I am on the go and I find something that just cant wait to be blogged about! I will post it right then and there!
The Only Reason I love Cell Phones!

Awesome Giveaway From Another Blogger!


This is pretty cool! There are 4 prizes to be won! How exciting! That means more chances to win! So go enter!


Orglamix Review!

O.K. SO where to start???
First I would like to say that I was not paid nor compensated in anyway to do this review. Whatever I say in this review are my opinions and they might differ from yours!
So I received a package today from Orglamix Cosmetics 🙂 Super Exciting if you love makeup as much as me! I had bought the Tea Party Collection, and for months I had been debating on which I really wanted to get! It was soooo hard to choose! There are a few more that I would LOVE to get but they will just have to wait! They will be gotten!
Now for the real part of the review!
So in the Tea Party Collection that I picked came with 5 colors!
1. Green Tea
2. Chai
3. Jasmine
4. Chamomile
5. Lemongrass (I didn’t get Lemongrass with my order because I already had it! So I had asked her if she would switch the color out with another one! Cheri did ♥ her so much for it!)
So technically I got Bordeaux <—— ♥ that color a lot!
I also have a few other Orglamix eyeshadows and those include: Cherry Blossom, Bermuda, Irish, Aurora, and Acia Berry!
Now my number 1 thing when it comes to buying any kind of makeup is:
1. Whats in it? Answer: Mica, Titanium Oxcide. Some shades may contain Carmine. If you want to know
     anything else its listed in the Shop Policies @ http://orglamix.etsy.com/
2. Whats not in it? Answer: All Orglamix products are proudly formulated without: Nano Particles, Bismuth
     Oxychloride, Synthetic Dyes, Parabens, Synthetic Fragrances, Petrochemicals.
So why did I chose to buy Orglamix Makeup you ask?
Well my answer is…
I used to sell Avon, and after using Avon products for so long my face became very very sensitive to makeup anything I would use would completely mess my face up! I am talking about I would get styes, and break out in horrible acne, so pretty much I just gave up on wearing any makeup! Until I came across Orglamix! I was like “Hm, I can try this seeing as there is barely anything in it and if it messes me up then I just wont use it”.
So I took the chance! Did everything like I always did it when it came to make up! Well after taking all my makeup off the first night, I went to bed and the next morning when the acne and styes would be there after a day of wearing makeup. There was NOTHING! So from then on I have been a fan of Orglamix!
Now for the fun part! The Colors!
They have an amazing Shimmer
They last a long time
They don’t fade (unless you wipe your eyes)
Very Pigmented
and just purely
If you would like to see any of the other colors that Cheri has
please check out her shop at http://orglamix.etsy.com/
She is willing to help you in anyway that she can!
Also if you purchase something she ships super quickly!

One Of My Valentines From Scott

O.K. so Scott (my Fiance) got me this AMAZING heart neck from a seller named Kim on Etsy! Kim, I would have to say was very easy to work with! She was very helpful and just so Friendly! Anyway, I have tried to take multiple pictures of the Necklace with no luck on getting the actually beauty! 😦 I cant get the letters A & E to show up like I want them to (Scott’s first name is Erik) but the necklace itself is just AMAZING! I’m not saying that people I deal with on etsy.com are not helpful, A LOT of them are, and those are the ones I will return to! Theres really not much to say about the necklace other than it is PERFECT and absolutely BEAUTIFUL! This is a photo from her page! The A & E on mine is at an angle like it is on here! She also has a lot of other very interesting things on her page, theres a little something for everyone there!
http://visionquest.etsy.com/ <—- thats her website! Check her out.

This is a pic of the necklace he gave me!
I was not paid or compensated in anyway for this review the views and opinions your see here are my own. Yours may differ from mine!

Follower to Giveaway Details!

Ok, so I am trying to decide on how many followers before I do a giveaway, should I do 20 or 30?
Someone help me decide! I think I might have some good ones coming once I get going!

❤ Ashley

Information about my Blog!

O.K. so this is like my 20th blog I have ever had! What I am going to try and do is get plenty of followers and be able to do reviews and giveaways! Once I get about 30 followers I will try to do my first Giveaway, then after that I will decide after that what the next number of followers before the next giveaway! I hope you all enjoy my reviews and I hope everyone will like the giveaways!

❤ Ashley!

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